Category: Poetry

A Party Line

By: Carl Papa Palmer Not a party line like the wild winding party line of congas dancing one-two-three-kick across-the-floor and out- the-doornor a party line like the Democrat or Republican political party […]

The Walk

By- Medha Godbole Singh I walk and walkTill my muscles screamMy tendons tear apartI walk and walkTill my thoughtsCompletely consume meMy mind running amuckI walk and walk tillMy breath gives wayAnd everything […]

The Liar

By: Ed Nichols My neighbor, Smitty, came over to my house the otherafternoon. We were sitting in the living room talking. Aboutthe world situation and so on. The talk finally got around […]


By: James Aitchison You, with all your turmoil, will find peace.No longer will you wander through earthly stages,Suffering, bearing grief,Unaware of the presence of the wheel.Find the balance between strength and weakness,Retain […]

Desert Mother

By: Sheila Henry I see the destructionFlashing flames on the TV screenIt’s 2003 a time marked in historyA fiery storm rains on a city—BagdadBuildings aflamed that make a fiery graveNo discretion implementingA […]