Category: Poetry

Heterosexual love essay

By: Raj Ratan Mala “It’s just a phase”Sure,Like ignorance could get reality erasedThe way coming outAdded motives to count me outJudging if its my “taste”.Sin?Absolutely,When they crawled under my skinSomeone whisperedLoving is […]

Fruit of sin

By: Suveeksha Viswanathan A towering ceiling fan,an untrustable axle,making my slumbermy last. A rope cast round their neck,felicitous ants floatingon a jar full of honey. A placid, vile snake you were,warm, loving […]

Footprints on Water

By: Jessabele Gorozon Bentazal Creation Covering is darkness,Then here comes the greatest artist.Well done, the ambience has transformed,From chaos comes peace.Then, from among the ashes,A masterpiece was born. ### A Sacrifice Punished […]


By: Carl Papa Palmer At the restaurant a cell phone rings. Those around the table jumpas if receiving an electric shock,reach for their pocketslike some saloon gun slingerhollered, Draw! I continue to […]