Category: Poetry

Poem: Desire

By: Shailendra Chauhan Translated By: Balkrishna Kabra ‘Etesh’ I left behind Sorrows Adversities I adopted silence No talks I walked Behind them For sometime Who misled me Later I found myself In the […]

Poem: Psych Ward

By: Claire Scott They say a place of healing They say for your own good Doctors with white coats flapping, Starched storks armed with prescription pads like flight attendants. Coffee, tea, wine? Zyprexa, […]

Poem: Les Mots that I lack

By: Desirée Jung Quando aprendi a falar estrangeiro I was amazed by the strangeness Inhabiting my corpo, inside me. As palavras take emotions That search and do not find. São suspiros ininterruptos Surfacing […]

Poem: Snow Falling

By: Duane L. Herrmann Each perfect star – six points miniature perfection uncreateable by hands multitudinous abundance and every one unique, absorbs all sound as they float down blanketing the sounds and […]