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By: Cathy Charlton

Generations before sought solace in vast landscapes;
wilderness reflecting the spirit within, a space to be free.
Mountains and lakes, the salty sea –
all must feel, for they have seen millenniums.
But in our shrinking world we seek a different kind of liberty.
In our world, wilderness does not exist anymore.
We have fought for rights, knowledge, technology –
but now so many sources scream for attention,
no quiet for reflection;
that which aids us holds us captive.
Our unseen chains were never the intention.
Liberty – defined only by what holds us from it.
Trapped by poverty, or else trapped by wealth.
Trapped by the images on our phones, computers, magazines –
unobtainable ideals no one truly believes.
Trapped by the expectations of others – and our own.
Trapped inside our thoughts, held ransom by insecurity.
Children taught to fit into pre-determined boxes.
In our free world we seek liberty in the little things.
Freedom at the days end before deep sleep.
Freedom in the feel of grass beneath bare feet,
and in the sun beating down to warm cold bones.
Freedom within our own patch of concrete –
a home to shelter the accepting company of loved ones.
Freedom in the space between lovers embrace and kiss,
away from obligation and blue light emitting from cold screens;
the thoughts in your head, the dreams –
knowledge that every day of life brings new hope.
In our modern world where most chains are unseen,
liberty exists – but not while we seek it.



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