Category: Poetry

Poem: The Peace of a Child

By: Bamgbose Gabriel   In perfect peace She sleeps after being Coaxed with tender palms And lulled with soothing rhymes… …..The peace of a child She smiles from her dream Exposing her toothless […]

Poem: Widower

By: Morgan O’Connor At sun up she escaped by cab. I miss her as much as the time before I knew the taste of perfect bread, spice of exquisite soup. souls proudly inter-floundering, […]

Poem: Discord

By: Richard D. Hartwell  Not for the first time, Perhaps for the last, I note this is no monologue, Rather a continuing, one-sided dialogue. You, Sitting there embalmed On your judgmental stool. […]

Poem: Suffer the Children

By: Richard D. Hartwell Suffer anguish of memory, family close as sticky-rice, grain to grain, gene to gene, coagulated and congealed. Cannot un-remember psychological molestation, brutality of hidden scars, rage of emotional […]