Category: Poetry

Poem: “Approved by the Comics Code Authority”

By: Gale Acuff Miss Hooker says I’m going to go to Hell if I don’t stop sinning but I don’t give a damn is what I told her although I really said darn […]

Poem: Innocence!!

By: Adesina Idris D. Its innocence Undisturbed Unpertubed By the turbulence Around it! A child’s innocence! Peaceful is its sleep Smiles on its lips Troubles escaping it Oblivious of the upheavals Roaming […]

Poem: Nazneen

By: Somrita Urni Ganguly (You’ve read the Laila-Majnu story, have you not? This one is slightly different. The poet wrote it after Majnu was lost to her.) Laila uttered Qais’s name like a prayer […]