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‘Broken Hearts, Unbroken Spirits: The Man I Loved’ and other poems

By: Harppreet M Caur

Broken Hearts, Unbroken Spirits: The Man I Loved

“I am abused and bruised
By the man I loved.
An innocent, simple girl
Gone through hell.

Innocent children
Looking at him
Wondering what’s wrong
They did.

Not even our bodies,
Our souls are scratched,
The wounds and pain
He has given us
Are irreparable.

Yet we stand, resilient,
Our spirits unbroken,
For within each other’s embrace
We find solace unspoken.

We healed ourselves
With each other’s love,
We held each other
With our unconditional love.

Through shattered dreams
And broken trust,
Our bond remains unbreakable,
Our love, a must.

For though he may have hurt us,
Torn us apart,
Together we rise,
With love in our heart.

The man I loved,
Once my guiding light,
Now a shadow of pain,
In the depths of night.

But we rise, we survive,
Stronger than before,
For love is our Armor,
And we are warriors evermore.”

Timeless Strength

In shadows deep, she faced her fears,
A strong woman, through the years.
Through trials hard, she stood her ground,
With strength and courage, she was bound.

Obstacles loomed, yet she pressed on,
With determination, she was drawn.
Though doubts may rise, she wouldn’t sway,
Her spirit fierce, come what may.

With every step, she forged ahead,
Through darkest nights and days of dread.
She conquered fears, she overcame,
A beacon of hope, in her own name.

So, here’s to her, this mighty soul,
Whose story’s written, bright and bold.
For she’s the one who faced the fight,
And emerged victorious in the light.

“There is no age, there is no time bar.
There is no right time or wrong time.
Our soul is non-perishable and ever young.
It is today, not someday.
Nothing else exists than now.”

The Poetic Eyes

“His eyes are like the raging sea…
mysterious… burning my innocent heart.”

“Her eyes are a silent prayer.”

“His eyes are like dewdrops.”
“His eyes are unspoken poetry.”

“Her eyes are innocent…
are broken dreams…
are unspoken pages of my poetry book.”


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