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woman holding brown basket with yellow flowers

Four Spring Haiku

By: Jim Bates Springtime misting rainTender garden shoots reachingThirstily drinking. Finch and CardinalSinging songs of sunny joyMusic for the soul. Apple tree bloomingLazy sunshine drifting throughCanopy of calm. Tree Swallow flyingAerial acrobaticsCarnival of flight.

woman standing nearcherry blossom trees

The responsive awakening of springtide

By: Paweł Markiewicz The springtime wakes upin may glory and dreamsin May-tender homeland O! Dreamy moony springimmortalize the enchantmentof the Naiad forever! the pensiveness of a feather from crowsyou are black such a muse-like falchionthinker with many oboliI listen to…

Poem: The Leaves Fall Faster Now

By: Edward J. DeSilva, Jr The leaves fall faster now; it won’t be long. Tragic ballerinas pirouette and plié, magnificent in their death song. Lively spring-greens once supple and strong fade into shadows of glory now past. The leaves fall faster…

Poem: Brussels Sprouts (Palm Sunday 2016)

By: Chuck Orloski Tilling time, a frail farmer’s pitch fork plunged deeply into dark European soil. Terrified, and to avoid harm, 100 earthworms burrowed to safety. It was never a good time to be a worm, and only one indolent…

Poem: The Antarctica Spring

By: Chuck Orloski McMurdo Station, Valentine’s Day, 2016 It is wartime on the continent! There’s ice, ice, more ice gone and my purple fingers reached out to God for elections and a carry permit. Into his white shadow, I dare…

Poem: Spring Has Arrived

By: James G. Piatt Spring has arrived, it’s no longer cold, The bright sun melted winter’s icy robe. Rills now flow softly in chasms down the hill, Dappled bullfrogs’ are croaking shrill: The bright sun creates colors to behold, I…