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By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey

two extremes

I stretch like an endless desert
You flow like a perennial river
I have nothing to hide, nothing to give
you have in your sleeve a store of a giver.
In your eyes there is confluence of seekers
In my eyes there is tireless waiting.
You spread like the fragrance of flower
I stand like an oak in some wild bower
In your dance there is spell of rhythmic harmony
In my wild movements there is frantic fluttering.
You create longing , a thirst in the onlookers
I am an eternal thirst lost into endless sand dunes.
In you live the wild joy of a seductive casino
In me lives the esoteric trance of an ascetic hut
We are like two sides of a river flowing parallel
to each other eager to mingle with the ocean
Shading our ” I ” in the infinity of the motion.



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