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By: Miriam Manglani Linda didn’t ask for a step daughter with Down Syndrome when she married Allen six months ago. She exhaled in frustration and paced through her bedroom, her heals digging into the white plush carpet. “You said we’d…

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Taking Hostages for Peace

By: Steven Grogan I think I was just too nervous when I let my tongue go rattling off like the machine gun I was holding. Why did I have to say I was going to kill those people if my…

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By: James Aitchison Take refuge in thequiet voice within your soul.The past is impermanent,incapable of pursuit.When your mind is free ofphysical emotion,no regrets can remain.Hear the Wheel spin,heed the quiet voice ofyour inner self,let eternal truth shield youfrom turbulence.Accept life,…

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Los tigres tienen no miedo

By L. Burton Brender For Jim and Anthony My older brother, Jose, he is a man. He has 16 years and he has been a chambelan. Two times. The first time he was the escort for this very pretty girl who…

brown mountain under blue sky at daytime

‘An Ovillejo’ and other poems

By: Jake Sheff I Reassure and Measure Time’s Reluctance Down at Silver Falls: an Ovillejo How do you steal moonlit nights?Squatters’ rights.What do you tell whiny trees?Eat the freeze!Where do all your secrets run?On the sun. Now the autumn rains…

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Children of War

By: Gulshan Ara Little nursery underneath a half-burnt bunkerKerosine lamps hanging from the ceilingTiny premature babies wrapped in half torn blanketCurling up in their tiny cribs, struggling to stay warmSucking the last drop of milk from an empty milk bottleStruggling…

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Arrowroot Cookie

By: Jim Bates Northwoods lake countryWater glistening waves lappingHot sun scorching sandOn the beach playing. Big brother in charge of younger siblingsMomentarily distracted by building a sandcastleBaby Will toddles out onto the dock stumbles and falls off sinking fastBig brother…

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Ode to Fancy

By: Rehanul Hoque (Dedicated to Taslima Akter Rima) In the lonely hours of a lovelorn heartA wild beauty beckoned to come closer – She sat leaning upon a coral reefHer hair disheveled by the windHer eyes deep as the Pacific,She…