Author simplifies Hindi spiritual wisdom to offer daily peace

Ramesh Malhotra’s Spiritual Wisdom: An Evolutionary Insight provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand investigation of Mahatma Gandhi’s acclaimed “spiritual dictionary,” the Bhagavad Gita, and the physical and spiritual evolutionary trends that dictate life.

spiritualMalhotra’s guide helps readers achieve peace, tranquility and happiness in their daily lives through the exploration of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

Spiritual Wisdom clarifies two principle evolutionary trends. The first is physical, which deals with the investigation of nature by means of science and technology. The second is spiritual, which requires an investigation of nature through perceptive power, commonly achieved through meditative practices.

Practical examples teach readers to apply spiritual principles in everyday life, offering insight into the four tenets of eternal wisdom: mythological wisdom, inspirational wisdom, transcendental wisdom and absolute truth. Malhotra also gives readers an overview of the history of spiritual wisdom, the elements of lower and higher knowledge, and the process of self- revitalization.

Through the cultivation of faith and the investigation of spiritual and transcendental wisdom, Malhotra finds that peace and tranquility are possible in every life journey.

Spiritual Wisdom: An Evolutionary Insight

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