Poem: Love’s Language

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey

Love's language
I feel presence of my being
In your glaring eyes where streams
Of untold miseries flow to weave
A world of aborted desires, unfulfilled dreams.
Your pale face tells the days spent in miseries.
I feel your words like an echo of time
in the vale of eternity,
Lost like deceitful tales in the resonance of faith.
I hold you in my breath with every coming and going
Sighs like waves from the deep ocean bed.
Love expresses itself in many forms
A small gesture, smile and shared moments
Filled with fragrance of feelings candid and warm.
Love expresses itself in many languages –
In language of desire, lost words and simmering silence
Hidden like a ventriloquent present in his puppets.
Love is living longing purgated in flames of divine firmament
where desires melt into a river of light
Radiating the world filled with a voice of harmony.
Every time I feel you, I feel the pleasure of stream
Losing into ocean unmindful of its painful journey.
And all you should learn is deceit has many faces
Lie has many languages but faith is blind, dumb and deaf.

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