Poem: Aam Adami

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey


I am aam adami

I work in fields, factories

I struggle to save my body and soul

In resourceless villages and soulless cities

Que up for ration, buses and labour joints

To be hired and fired by our merciless masters.

I am aam adami , living in my own world

Of great expectations of tin-roof and coarse meal.

I am on margin as centre cann’t hold me

In celebration of its joys and sparkling moments.

I am reminded of my strength and history

Of majestic manoeuverings, toppling of crowns

And historic marches to my historic victory.

I rise from the ashes of history with my own shares

of pangs and penury like a ghost

from the mounds of the dead,

to march, to see the fall of another Bastille,

Another empire or government here and there.

They pamper me , fill dreams in my eyes ,

colour my imagination.
In the seasons of election, drag me to the centre

To awaken me to my own lost self and rights.

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