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By: Aneesha Roy

bizarre thoughts

I thought of you for days and months.
I thought of you in tempestuous storms
and insurgent gales.
I thought of you in bitter snow and
in hale.
I thought of your beady eyes, your crooked nose
and twisted smile.
I thought of your debonair charm, your
sweet guile.

You flitted in and out of closed doors,
oblivious or maybe aloof…
I thought of you while staring at
flickering candle flames.
I thought of you amid spindly leafless trees.
I thought of you on my visits to aureate minarets
and macabre tombs.
I thought of your lingering shadow on the walls.
I thought of your broken husky voice, your jerky gait.

I thought of you in the opalescent twilight.
I thought of you while savouring every
delectable delight.
I thought of your unusual accent when I heard
the bullfinch sing.
Your deep, nasal drawl was music to my ears.
And days rolled into weeks…weeks into months.
And then it stopped.
I thought of you no more.
You were not a part of my reveries anymore.
I did not muse much on the change
in my disposition.
You ceased to exist in my realities galore.
You moved on and so did I.


Aneesha Roy is an avid reader and writer of poetry. Her poems, “A Strange Confabulation”, “Gravitating Conundrums”, “Judith Shakespeare”, “Insurrection”, “The dwindling wonder in her eyes” and “Bon Appetit” have been published in online journals. She is a part of the Editorial team of Ijagun Poetry Journal. She is currently pursuing a degree in English literature and working on her first poetry collection. Apart from literature, she is interested in feminist criticism, mythology and philosophy.



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