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Poem: karma’ll kick you

By: Linda M Crate


i don’t know why it took me
so much longer for
me to recover
over you
when you forgot about me once i was
out of sight and out of mind,
and i don’t know why
i ever groveled at your feet
you never deserved
my praise;
and i was foolish to adorn you with
the cadence of my tears,
never will i act
on the rage that burns in the field of me
when it comes down to it
you never deserved me
the best or the worst—
don’t worry
karma will kick you when you’re down,
and when she does
i’m sure
even then wisdom will evade you
you will cry out to God
why me?
you should know full well why
lying, cheating
self-centered, egotistical
go ahead and hide behind mommy’s skirt
refuse to be a man;
simply to evade
the truth that your heart is sick
and you need help—
i thought there was something wrong with me
for the longest time
that somehow i wasn’t pretty enough or smart enough
didn’t realize when i was putting myself down
i was elevating you to a god status,
but you are not a god
just a little
trapped in a man’s body;
and there’s nothing wrong with me but there’s
everything wrong with you.



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