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Poem: After Rabindranath Tagore

By: Badri Suwecele

Rabindranath tagore


I dive down into the depths of the ocean of forms,
hoping to gain the perfect pearl of the formless.
I’ll no more sail from harbor to harbor in storms.
Now I desire most to be where it is stormless.
That time’s gone when it was sport to be tossed on waves.
I now want the warm, the friendly and the harmless.
I desire the deathless, life that only God saves.
Into the hall by the fathomless abyss, where
the music of the toneless strings swells past these caves,
I will take this harp of my life into that air,
and tune it to the notes of forever’s fine norms.
And done, I’ll lay it down at the silent feet there.



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