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By: Debleena Majumdar

peace prize

The battle was over now,
The guns were gone.
The river was quiet again,
Rippling in the morning Sun.

Peace was here; but she couldn’t see it.
They had taken her pride, the light from her eyes.
Dull pain from that night still numbed her mind.
She heard the animal sounds coming closer.
Then she remembered. They were her own cries.
Would she ever be at peace again? All lies.

Peace was here; he couldn’t hear it.
They had taken his laughter and his youth.
He saw quiet shadows running, closing in.
He heard the gun smear them into darkness.
Then he remembered. That was his own gun.
Peace was here. But he had nowhere to run.

The battle was over now,
The guns were gone.
But had they paid a price too high,
Letting peace within forever die?


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