Janice Pariat’s ‘Seahorse’ to launch in November

seahorseOften the synopsis of a novel plays an important role in creating interest in the reader’s mind about it. Maybe you would find ‘Seahorse’ interesting which is a novel by Janice Pariat published by Random House India. The novel is set to launch in the month of November.

The synopsis goes like this: Nehemiah is a student of English Literature at Delhi University when he first meets art historian, Doctor Nicholas Petrou who, as mentor, steers him into a world of pleasure and artistic discovery—transforming his life entirely.

Years later, during a seemingly innocuous spell in London as a Writer in Residence, the unexpected happens—lives, like passing ships, are re-illuminated. Nehemiah is plunged into a search for the people from his past: Nicholas, his stepsister Myra, and even himself, the young, drifting boy changed irrevocably by his encounter with them.

Seahorse is a contemporary retelling of the story of the sea god Poseidon and his young male lover Pelops. The young men in these narratives must journey beyond themselves to wrestle free from the protective yet stifling gods of their pasts.

Seahorse traces how loss and healing, undoing and recreation, may eventually shape us into creatures of grace.”

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