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By: Arunima OP


You had showered me with attention
Took my hand and led me on
From light to night, we walked
Then you went missing in the dark
Leaving me all alone
In pursuit of your attention
In torment, in fear, in loneliness
I have become insane
And then you are back
With a new face, a new name
But I know you just as YOU
Who had promised to play with me
The mundane crossword puzzles
In the blocks of calendar with
Bills to pay and things to do,
But the new you knows nothing
About our hour long chats and
doll’s house in which
I take care of you and you take care of me
Oh! How silly! You are NEW, I just forgot
Sweet words, lullabies, shootings
But tick-tock of clock matters more.
I wish, oh I wish I knew how to
Fold my insanity into a flower
I wish I could groom a garden
Full of these insane blossoms
Which has just spring…
and no other seasons
I will gift it to u so that
My spring can melt away
The snow of your perpetual winters


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