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By: Kousik Adhikari


As the night alights, I fear to look
At the drowsing sky, because it’s dark now
Dark like the dark-
Like the dark ink our mothers
Draw on child’s forehead, cursing Satan, cursing eyes,
I don’t know
If the Satan is afraid now to look at!
When the dark stepping over the hills, meadows,
Grasses, earth and
Our million unspoken, half-remembered, missing
Wishes that we tend to forget,
In the day we are ashamed of each other, each eye.
Hiding the rattling bones with deep flesh, threads,
And curtain-eyes, learned smiles.
Night wipes us from the glazing sun, eyes
And in the raining dark, we clean,
Fasten and stand deep with our ancient nudity,
Like the Satan at the fall, hurled headlong
And not wishing
And not wishing to return.


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