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By: Sam Rapth


She was very tall, say five feet, 8. A short skirt desperately tried to hide her fleshy assets. Her t-shirt struggled to keep those two white rabbits of hers in place. How many such beautiful snapshots could a girl’s walk give away to this beautiful planet!!

‘Sophie…Sophie. Please stay’ he came behind her, shouting all the way, bearing the pain in his injured foot.

Anyone who watched him and her could easily make out that his injured foot thwarted him from reaching her.

She didn’t stop. His squall continued.

‘Don’t be angry on me. You do not know how much I love you. I am your John’ his words spurted out beggarly.

She did not seem to be convinced. Her legs moved mechanically.

‘Listen sweet heart!! Jenny is just a friend of mine. You are my only love. Please believe me’ He squalled.

She didn’t stop even for this.

It was about to rain. John looked up at the sky for a moment, and went pale. He continued pursuing her.

‘We are much away from the Train Station Honey. I am unable to walk’ John screamed.

Still there was no reaction from her.

‘It is going to rain. You might get cold. Rain and you, are never good bed-fellows. Come back. Please’ John almost stopped moving, expected her to turn back to him but to no avail.

By then, she had gone few more steps further.

As time passed by, John was losing hopes in getting her in his way. For a moment, he desperately wanted to grab her and slap her. That was the last train station. Past that, there was only Interconnecting Highway. It was so haunting and unsafe. The night was falling.

She was very pretty. His foot was injured. The place was so insecure. John was taken aback, realizing, how helpless he would be, if things went beyond control.

‘Sophie. You will listen to me or not?’ John shouted.

No response from her. She walked steadily, not even a jerk.

John got angry. He gathered all his strength, pushed himself with all his might and courage, ran into her.

By the road side, there came an array of large hollow cylindrical structures made of cement kept lying in a row. In between each cylinder, there was space, filled with mud.

As John, ran into her, with his injured foot, he lost his balance and fell on her. They both fell on the mud, which, was by now, becoming wet as it began to rain.

They both, settled inside the hollow cylinder. The rain showered on them. They both got themselves wet all over. John felt her warmth. The warmth triggered his sexual nerves. He hugged her.

She didn’t resist. She hugged him.

John’s hands sneaked inside her t-shirt. No space inside. The rabbits struggled. The rabbits rolled. The rabbits crushed. Her moans were anemic and wobbly.

The two bodies desperately tried to get closer, despite the fact that they were bolted in the middle. The bodies fought. The bodies hurried. The bodies jerked. The bodies finally gave up.

John sat next to her, pulled a Cigarette from his pocket while she got dressed up. John pulled his lighter and lighted it. In the faint light he saw her and screamed.

‘Who…Who the hell are you!!’.


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