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By: Ram Prasath

India's Daughter

While India’s daughter video has gone viral across the world, it has also raised a lot of questions, as a freelance writer, in me.

  1. Is Nirbaya, (Jyoti Singh Pandey) the only daughter of India?

What about

  • KaraikalVinothini,
  • Pune’s NayanaPujari,
  • Chennai’s Uma maheshwari and
  • Vysya

and there are so many to add to the list. The debates and talk shows that goes around India’s daughter video talks only about Nirbaya case and kind of ignorant on these women who have suffered an equal brutality when compared to Nirbaya. Should there be regional differences even while raising voices?

  1. One of the key fact that these crimes against women, indirectly point out is,

 (a) Those accused men who either killed women or threw Acid on her or raped and then killed her, were not born in test tubes. Instead, they were all born to a women. In fact, these criminals were born with sisters, aunts, cousins and so on. They even had friendships among women in their neighborhood. Some of them are even married.

  • The accused, who threw Acid on KaraikalVinothini was a friend of her father and mother.
  • The Accused Venkatachalapathy, who killed Vysya at perungudi railway station was actually her friend.

 (b) Women are generally regarded, matured and strong both by body and mind. Having said that, Should they keep mum when they get to know that, their son or brother or uncle or husband, is potentially capable of hurting another women?

 (c) Having said the above, are our sisters, aunts, cousins and friends in girls, really safe? How, as care takers and well wishers of our young women, are we going to ensure women’s safety? Is our responsibility in ensuring women’s safety, is limited only to providing her, immediate helpline numbers?

 (d) Who are, a women’s real enemies?

  1. It is clear that not everyone of us can be good. Nature has its own balance. If some are good, some are bad. We can never think of a world which has only good because nature doesn’t work that way.

On looking at cases like KaraikalVinothini and Vysya, one can say, harms come to women through people whom she has acknowledged, as good.

On looking at cases like Nirbaya and Uma, one can say, harms come to women through people whom she hardly knew.

If you look at the criminals from the eye of their friends and relatives, it would be clear, that, the bad has thus far, been one among us. The Accused Venkatachalapathy, must had been a good friend to all genuine friends of Vysya.

  1. The Biggest Ironythat I can see, here is , much of the accused men are already married and have kids. I see this, a potential threat to the society that we belong. Because, the killing instinct and the brutal instincts against women, that they carry in their DNA, has already been passed on to a child. No matter, whether, Ram Singh who was the prime accused in Nirbaya case, or any other accused is put to jail or hung to death, the society is left with his DNA and while saying this, I would like to also remind you of Darwin’s theory of evolution here.All  you have to do is just a Simple Mathematics.

These are the real facts that should be in debate but ‘India’s Daughter’ doesn’t utter anything in this regard. It is pathetic to see, most of the media, arguing or highlighting women’s freedom in dressing and freedom to roam around at midnight, ignoring the above things, which I believe are the core things that seeks critical evaluation and attention.


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