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Top Authors Who Love Controversies


A lot of people have preferred to convey their intellect and thoughts through literature. It’s a fact that writers are often carried away by the society as well as the social context. While some of you may love to hate them, others are mad to know each and everything about them.

Salman Rushdie:

Ringleader of the gang of modern controversial writers, Salman Rushdie came to prominence after winning Booker Prize for his second novel – “Midnight’s Children.” It’s a matter of fact that this top-notch author of magical realism became a matter of global hatred after launching his controversial novel “The Satanic Verses.” Rushdie was widely condemned by Islamic groups and various authors for ridiculing Islam and its functions in this novel. Not even this, for his blasphemy, a fatwa was issued against him by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran. In addition, his love affairs and political comments have often been a reason for undue controversies.

Salman Rushdie

Taslima Nasrin:

Taslima Nasrin was a doctor in Bangladesh who eventually turned into a firebrand poet and author. Her life has been a playground of controversies – due and undue. This controversial writer has been widely criticized by intellectuals and some of the prominent authors for ridiculing Islamic principles and propagating objectionable and preposterous comments against the religion. Since 1994, Taslima has been living in exile and currently she is residing in New Delhi where she claims to work for human rights, freedom of thought and equality for women.


Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De is yet again in controversies. This time she has drawn flak from the political class for her alleged comments on the law to force multiplex owners to feature Marathi movies in Prime Time. Shobhaa De has written many novels and was once the editor of Filmfare magazine. Her life has always been a playground of controversies. She perhaps knows that her value is only measured through controversies.

 shobha de

Judy Blume:

Best known for writing one of the most arguable novels on children and young adults, Judy Blume is an eminent yet controversial writer of America. Judy Blume’s novels revolve around teenagers, dealing with several issues such as sexuality, existence of God, friendship, religion and other burning topics which are considered contagious for a particular age-group.


Dan Brown

American author Dan Brown created controversy after the publication of the novel The Da Vinci Code in 2003. It is a thriller, featuring the lead character Robert Langdon, investigating secret societies, the Catholic Church, conspiracies, and the fictional truth about Jesus Christ. During the course of the novel, it is alleged that the Catholic Church is perpetuating a major, centuries-long conspiracy to hide the truth about Jesus Christ from the public, and it or its agents are willing to stop at nothing, including murder, to do so.

dan brown


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