Review: “The Secretive SIX” by Saurabh Mathur

secretive_sixWrapped in the gown of a mystery novel, ‘The Secretive Six’ by Saurabh Mathur does not in fact come true to its claims. The story revolves around an IIT professor’s death which turns out to be a murder. Although the author has tried to make things/sequences look convincing, they look fake and made-up like we see in the CID serial on SONY channel. The story is way too predictable, though at times there are moments when the story takes you in its wraps.

Published by Leadstart, the novel is one of those that plead for attention in the bookshop. In LiteraryYard’s opinion, the book is not a great mystery. But it definitely deserves one try. To give you a sense of the book and its story, please go through the brief synopsis below:

“Kartik Mathur, the CBI agent is out to investigate the apparently natural death, of an IIT professor, Akhil Kumar, who died in his sleep due to a heart-attack, which his boss and CBI Director, Bhushan Kumar claimed to be a murder.The twist in the tale, ‘The Secretive Six’ comes, when an uncooked theory of Bhushan Kumar, becomes a reality. Did Akhil Kumar actually die of heart-attack or was he murdered?Connecting the link that started six years earlier and solving the case further, along with his very capable team, Kartik comes across very disturbing facts. Who is the killer? What is the reason behind the well planned murder? Would there be more murders to come?The story takes you for a three-day roller coaster ride that is most heart rendering. It throws light on the evils that our society faces today. The end is astonishing and will leave you speechless.”


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