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Poem: In a Golden Morning of a Silvery Day

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

The tired eyes are closed down
hoping their good reopening
in a golden morning of a silvery day
yet the godless heart
experiences the hopes-
made of glass
and the eyes are compelled
to reopen in an endless night
and blind again in fear
of suffering the witnessing of
a ghostly samba of merciless tempest
around the weight-less wallet of masculinity,
queen-less throne of heart
and radar-less voyage to destiny by turns
yet the eyes enjoy the sufferings
dreaming the other side of a coin
engraved with a smiling sun
to dry up the disobedient tears
and welcome more engagements and tiredness
causing the closing of their shuttering
again with the relating of the same story
with the same morality
and with the same hope for a hopeful morning.
—————————-May God Bless



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