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By: Linda M Crate


how many times
must i say
before you realize
i’ll never say
how many times must i say
i don’t like you
before it
leave me alone
i have no interest in dead flowers
because they’ve already
passed and expired
our friendship is much the same,
and the way you keep
clawing for me
disgusts me more than anything because
i said goodbye so many times in
so many ways;
you don’t seem to understand my subtle
ways so let me scream it loud
and proud
never speak to me again
i am not your friend—
too many times you took me for granted
always took my kindness for advantage and you
were always trying to pull me from my
dreams because you never had
any of your own,
i have grown so much without you;
will not go back to that gilded cage when my wings
are meant to fly
so just let go
the more you cleave to the memories the more they’ll
destroy you
because i am a different person than yesterday
i am no longer a rabbit hearted bird i am a battle raven
will tear you asunder if you keep chasing


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