Poem: Glass

By: Adreyo Sen


Till yesterday, I was glass.
No one rubbed their hands
against the dusty windowpane
through which I looked out the world,
seeing the brightest colors grey.
How I shrank from it all.
I was always cold.  Little by little,
I felt myself fade away.
I was an unseeing blue.  The sun struggled
to pass beyond
the shade I’d drawn around myself.

Today I passed through your door.
You looked up and smiled
and the curiosity in your eyes
melted into the gentle mockery
of one who sees in everything
something to be loved.
I felt myself crack and fall away.
And then I came to life,
I marched across the carpeted battlefield,
a wanderer drawn to your silent warmth.

Alive now, I feel myself
and thus I feel the world.
And when I step out once again,
I’ll see
your smile in the sun.


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