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By: Zunayet Ahammed


Your blue sky
the stream of rain
whiteness, greatness, beauty, and
the light of innocence always
make me gleeful
like an aura of symphony
of the poetic hearts
or the raving beauty of
the greenness of the landscape
Your simplicity, purity and lucidity
as bounteous nature
show me the way to dream
to know the unknown
to do the undone
to take pleasure in the beauty
of the deep, dark, and lovely forest
to learn the impossible
to be a celestial soul
for spreading my wings and sweet wishes
for men, the best of the creations.
Your glowing personality
haunting melodies of hair
elegant dress with the milk of paradise
a dazzling array of talent
soothing voice
disgruntlement for darkness
worship for loveliness and truth
always marvel me
and give me a new flare to go ahead
the way Jibanananda and his poetry
impart flavours to the readers.

Your generosity and magnitude
for the poor and the oppressed
taste in music of life
serenity of heart
hatred for nudism and
eternal love for Hellenism
fascinate me feelingly
to go afar
for fame or nameless grave
with your love.

The poet is an Assist Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh(NUB)


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