Poem: just a past love

By: Linda M Crate

Departed love

you said i was marie
and kikyo
always your past love
never your
even in the present
of the moments we shared
and i don’t know why i didn’t
nail the holes of your coffin
for killing me
with moments of anticipation
you’d never deliver on;
perhaps because revenge is a two
headed snake
and i didn’t want it to bite me
to become the monster
that you always
i could have been your medusa
or your kagome
should you have cared enough
to love me,
but like the prince left cinderella
alone in the wood;
so you have
left me,
but i will not die or simply stand aside
i will live unapologetically
show you just how bright my light shines
and shoot my arrows through
every injustice i can
destroy in this


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