Story: Long Standing Career

By: Sri Ram


Subsequently, I was asked to take up the Relationship Manager post for this profile and handle it. I complained that this would be a tough one to begin with but they reminded me of the many statements I made at my HR interview.

How many really remember the things that they shared in the HR interview? I didn’t remember a thing but I froze when I found the scanned copy of the employment form, that I had filled at the time I joined this company in my Inbox.

I had mentioned the below line and had politely underlined it.

‘Looking forward to take up a challenging career’.

I could not say that, it was just a template answer. I wanted to shout aloud that, there is always a difference between challenging career and impossible career.

I was in deep silence, in my seat. None of my friends came to my seat as they were well aware that, whenever I mourn deeply for something, I prefer not to be disturbed. This time I mourned for my own self.

I had to do this. No other go.

I did a basic R&D on this part of the issue.

Poosam, Pooram ,Bharani, Anusham,Uthirattathi, Pooradam are nothing but, Cancri , Leonis, Arietis, Scorpionis, Pegasi & Andromeda and Sagitarri constellations in the celestial sky. I wondered what if KEPLER find a planet in the habitable zone around a bright star in Pegasi constellation? Who would re-write the laws of astrology for that planet?

Each Solar Day in Earth is believed to be governed by a star. Any boy born in these constellation days would not match with Pranitha. If these constellation days were to be excluded from a year then there would be only 286 days. Only those who were born in these days would be astrologically matching with Pranitha.

I switched on my computer and logged in to the site. I excluded these 6 stars, included her other requirements and searched. The screen showed zero results.

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