Poem: Identity

By: Mohammad Jashim Uddin 


I am a Boishakhi Storm.
I am a Ruin and Destruction.
I am an Atom Bomb.
I am a King Cobra.
Storm, Ruin, Destruction, Bomb and Cobra
to wipe distress of the Humanity.

I am a Sail to approach.
I am a Plough to cultivate.
I am a Pen to reveal.
I am a Flower to spread fragrant.
Said, Plough, Pen and Flower
to establish a land of Humanity.

I have the feelings of pain and suffering
I have the knowledge of good and evil.
I have the power of construction and destruction
I have the blindness of acceptance and reject
Feelings, knowledge, power and blindness
to be enriched myself.

As I have the Voice and Silence
Who am I?

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