Poem: anything but flattering

By: Linda M Crate


you tell me that you want
things to change,
but you remain the same;
living out your live in the way
you always have
doing the same thing thinking that
the results will be different
is simply madness—
makes me think you don’t really
want things to change,
but rather me;
i refuse to be anyone’s marionette
that’s why i’ve cut the strings
don’t want to talk to you now or ever
stop badgering my mother
with requests
she may not mind but i have lost so much
respect for you that i once had
over it—
accept things have changed between us
that things will never be the same,
and that i’ve moved on
without you;
i’m sorry that you hurt me,
but you’re only appreciating me now that i’m gone
i must admit that is anything but flattering
so begone!


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