Books Reviews

Poem: Religiousity and Spirituality

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

At least one more star will twinkle
in the sky
just adjacent to heaven,
if it is strictly said and effectively heard,
‘’We ought to perceive the two gloves
sanctioned to us to move around
setting something controversial in the mid’’.
First one is popular
and people like to approach and use God
moving around it
keeping their own agendas
in the midpoint for their fulfillment
and seek false emancipation
following this worthless way of religiousity
which helps no hand to grow up to heaven
and no life gets independence;
but the other is divine in reality
and a few souls are seen to use the gracious God
budging around it
centering God’s own agendas in the middle
for their successful accomplishment
and get ultimate liberation from this painful world
walking on this luminous way of spirituality.

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