Poem: Insincere Prince

By: Linda M Crate


better things come to you
when you’ve let go of things you should have
never grasped
that’s what you taught me,
and for that i thank you;
but i don’t thank you for the heart you cannot unbreak
for the way you jaded me so that my trust
issues became a thousand times
i don’t thank you for all the tears i’ve cried;
but i thank you for my death
i needed to rise
from the ashes and recreate myself
i am phoenix born
will never die
i burn with passion and hope gleaming brighter than
the sun—
sometimes it’s just better to let go
the best things can come to you when you do:
joy, happiness, laughter, a purpose;
these all came to me
when you forgot me in the frozen wilderness of those maine
unlocked myself in the spring of flowers and the summer of
dreams and the autumn and winter of hard work
i soon forgot to miss you,
and i freed myself of the gilded cage of your lust you
insisted was love;
so thank you for not being my prince
because charming just doesn’t cut it when you’re insincere.


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