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The Syrian Story of Migration

The Syrian crises have affected the whole world. It is important that we understand how it began and what it means in the present context.

European Student Think Tank

By Suad Skenderi, executive director and author of the academic medium Romalitico Roma and writer for the EST.

The topic of migration is one of the most hotly debated issues in Europe, especially since the Syrian crisis that started in 2011. The influx of Syrians in Europe has tested the level of democracy, as well as the basic principles and values of Europe. The flow of Syrians entering European soil started slowly as they, among other asylum seekers, sought to find better opportunities and to escape the political turmoil. In the contemporary migration scenario, we should highlight that European politicians acknowledge that migration has different causes. There were times of forced migration like in the case of Roma[1], wartime migration, economic migration and other types of reasons and factors why people move from one place to another. In addition, almost all examples related to European migration resulted in support…

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