Poem: Beauty

By: Zunayet Ahammed


Beauty captivates me
Not you
I discern
Beauty is skinned deep
Subject to degeneration and decay
Yet you feel proud of it
You adorn yourself every day
with softness, pearly whiteness, tenderness
and the grace of forest charms
I think I know
Most of you (some beautiful ladies) reckon
The old and the young stare at you
with passion and erotic gesture
They call you with love
and romance,
They offer spring to come,
pluck blooming roses,
hear gladsome notes of birds,
rumble the clouds in the sky,
dream a little ‘room’ in the air.
Hills impart silence
A ray of fancy of man
still remembers you
You deem
Fair scenes always
busy cheering your firmament in charms
happy days seem to be dancing
Like May day
Sweet little girls place roses between your lips
You assume
All is busy in your honour
without showering any tenderness
and charm.


You’ve never seen
your genuine image on earth
As a cloud dweller
You walk in a sunny morning
Eating up darkness and quietness
Being a parasite
Can you guess it?


Zunayet Ahammed is an Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)

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