Poem: The Window is Shut For Ever

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

She is going out
witnessing a brighter heaven
through her babbling friend–
the open window of her kitchen,
stepping her restless left foot
out of my egalitarian door-
leading to a hell for her, I believe,
keeping her peaceful right one still
inside my dreamland
where our only child is dreaming
she starts dreaming
for her own glittering destination
but can’t remove her two ugly lines
of confusion and hesitation from her face,
one on her forehead and the other one
below her right eye.
Unknowingly or by mistake
she’s dressed in red like the door is,
a red signal!
A danger to my timid heart
though she is careless to any consequence
even to her flying golden hair
maybe, caused by the ensuing cyclone
knocking fiercely on my door
where I have been standing speechless
as my stock is almost over
and watching her right foot
which is still of mine,
weeping for the left one- lost already
and waiting for the final apocalypse
but suddenly
a sharp crying reverberates in my dreamland
and changes the direction of the cyclone
melting a stone into milk,
compels a sky-loving bird to return to its old nest
getting her left foot inside the door
and the window is shut for ever
when she realizes
her acute importance to her largest piece of heart.


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