Story: Planet

By: Sri Ram


At the Extra-terrestrial Intelligence Research Center, they were talking while looking at the wide big screen, which showed numerous stars as dots, floating rocky planets and gaseous clusters.

“Hey, this one is located 20 light years away. I think, it should be habitable with the right gravity and pressure as it is revolving around its star very comfortably in the goldilocks zone”

“Does it have water?”

“I don’t think so. But it should had had long time ago, may be a million years. Look at the lines over there. These lines say water had been flowing in there once.”

“I see. Could it have supported life? Like Aliens?”

“Definitely. If there was water, there should have been life. Million years ago, but not now”


“Not sure. Meteors must have had a chance”

“If it was a meteor, there should have been a crater on the surface. But nothing like that shows up in the picture.”

“May be, the aliens must had exhausted all the water and oxygen and made the planet, a raging hurricane of useless gases and acid rains”

“I see. Let us send a probe and do some basic research on the surface. Tell the co-ordinates for the planet”

“OK. Write it down. Galaxy is Milky Way. It is located very close to Zodiac Star Cluster and is the third planet to its star.”

“OK. Noted. Give it a name now”

“Let us call it, Earth”


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