Poem: Me, You, and the Moon

By: Mary P. Douglas


Rocketing to the moon,
Stealing a star, maybe two,
Observing the universe,
Amazed by the view,
Wishing I could share it with you,
Maybe I am; maybe it’s me, you, and the moon,
Sailing leisurely,
Drifting through clouds,
My arms spreading like wings,
Wondering if I can soar; soar like you,
Do I have to return home,
Can I float just above the earth,
Can I remain to feel serene with you and the moon,
My dream swiftly ends,
One more minute, don’t disappear so soon,
My drowsy eyes refusing to be exposed,
Surrounded comfortably with blankets and pillows,
At peace with our celestial visit,
On starry nights, when the sky is lit brightly by the moon,
I sense your presence within my soul,
Other nights, like this particular one, you call upon me in my slumber,
My dreams so real, so vivid,
I unquestionably believe,
You are resting next to me,
One hand is wiping my tears,
Your words I cannot hear,
I’m aware of my heart beating,
A moment of sadness,
It passes with anticipation of our next reunion,
Our spirits connecting in the moonlight,
Or in dreamland,
I rollover and attempt to sleep,
Hoping to revisit the moon tonight.


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  1. The poem expresses in ways I wish I could feelings I have concerning loved ones who have left but remain part of me. Thank you to the author.

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