Story: Eerie sounds

By: Sri Ram


While the Mars exploration space shuttle was on its way to Mars’s Orbital Path around the sun, Mark Webber was looking at the newspaper copies which featured his 5 year old son’s summer camp photos. He had brought it with him, to cherish the memories of his only son during the time he is stuck up in space. While looking at it, he could not miss to notice the news about refugees fleeing from Syria to neighbouring countries and to the US had been briefly documented, next to that of his son’s.

Both, Mark Webber and Roger Smith, who were the only crew in NASA’s alien life exploration in Mars initiative, were keenly looking at the craters of Mars while the Space shuttle drifted slowly around it. The idea was to capture any and all, eerie sounds, that could have been by Aliens.

As the space shuttle came closer to the planet, their radio telescope received signals that exhibited strange but strong radio signals which they both captured in their computers.

“Mark, we must air this one to NASA” Roger said.

Mark thought for a moment and soon they got a message from Houston, if there was anything recorded.

Mark turned the mic on and relayed,

“No.Negative. No signals received so far” he said on the mic despite hand signs of Roger. Once the communication to Houston was cut, Roger asked,

“Why did you lied to Houston, Mark?”

“Back on earth, we humans need support and help from each other since civil war is on in some countries. Let us imagine, hoy much wealth would be wasted interms of Search for Extra terrestial life, if we let these signals escapte to Earth? By a simple lie, we could turn that massive wealth to help the third nations” Mark said.


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