Poem: Absent of void

By: Linda M Crate


standing in the shadow
of who you think you are
no one could ever measure up
because you’re always
looking down your nose,
and forgetting to be humble;
the only reason you should look down
on someone is to help them
but you wouldn’t
help anyone but yourself—
always a braggart
cold and condescending and convinced
of your own brilliance
you cut people down to size
with an ego the size of china’s population,
and i always wanted to say something
but held my tongue out of tact;
since you’ve made it all too clear that you never
wanted or needed me i no longer feel the
loyalty and love that i once did—
consider this the punch that knocks all your teeth
down your throat
because you’re the most ugliest person i’ve ever met:
a human without compassion or remorse;
i’ll claw away your ego until nothing remains and even
void cannot find you because i have
a temper
the one you always denied the existence of
will crush you beneath it’s tempest
my hurricanes will knock down and erode your rocks and make
you face the coward you are.

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