Story: Alien

By: Sri Ram


Paul, a 5 year old kid and Ben, a 7 year old were both playing the game of planes. They had exchanged their boeing toys, which had wheels and wings exactly the same way, most airports, that their parents took them too, had. Whoever, drops the toy, will have to give it up to the other person, was the bet in the game.

It was time, for Ben to play the role of Ground Officer, when Paul’s Boeing was up in the air, between Malaysia and Thailand, which were only a few yards away, in the backyard of their home.

“MH370… No turbulance. Smooth Wind.” Paul said, as his hand held the Boeing up in the air.

“This is Controller Ben from Kuala Lampur, wishing you good night. Controllers from Vietnam will take over further” said Ben.

“I will have to just monitor the Auto Pilot. Good Night!.. ” Paul wished him in return.

Moments later, due to a slight slippage in focus, Paul realized only lately that, he had actually dropped the Boeing he had in his hand. Luckily it fell on the carpet without much noise. He badly wanted to take Ben’s Boeing as it was a new piece and a costly one. 110$. His own was only 75$. He kicked that plane on the carpet, into the used-clothes basket. To his luck, it comfortably vanished beneath some dirty clothes.

“Oh my God!! where is my plane?” he shouted, prentending as though he lost it.

Ben came running and looked around.

“Where is it?” he asked.

“I will find it and return it to you. Until then, you can have mine” Paul assured to Ben. Ben looked at Paul for a moment.

“Whatever… But I now have a reason to tell everyone in the street to keep their toys away from you. You cannot play with 150$ all by yourself all the times. You would be alienating yourself for just 35$. That’s insane!!” Ben said.


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