Story: Confession

By: Sri Ram


“So you can’t come early today, post noon?” Rosy asked Roger, her sweet husband.

“Honey, I am going on business. I will be coming late in the evening. What do you want me to bring home, when I come back in the evening?” Roger asked as he held the wooden main door of the house, slightly open. He was to jump out to work anytime. Rosy didn’t seem to be in her elements, nor did she responded anything. She was calm, unresponsive and was staring the sky through the open window.

Roger has been observing Rosy, a bit different than usual these days. She has not been actively participating in anything as she used to be, before. Strangely, he has been observing her not sleeping at nights quite often, ignoring food, walking for hours in the hall thinking of something or the other, staring at empty sky for hours, yet not sharing anything when asked. Roger, simply chose to wait, for her to open up things to him by herself. After all that was the way, he has been brought up in the West. Therefore, he didn’t ask a question. But, right now, Roger didn’t had time to think on those as he was on an assignment that demanded his presence at Air Force Facility, Nevada, otherwise popularly known as Area 51.

Its the 5th year for him, serving for the nation’s research on extra terrestial life .The facility now has an inmate, who has been arrested and has been charged of circulating news on abduction and torture by Aliens. Roger was to interrogate him to find the truth.

When he arrived at the facility everything was ready. The guy was sedated and was kept lying on the bed. Hynoptism was being carried out on him. With a glowing lamp, oscillating in front of his eyes, Roger shooted his first question.

“What do you see now?”

“They are here, all around us.”

“How do they look like?”

“They don’t have a shape. They don’t have a body. They choose people and get into them. They live within them”

“Why would they do that?”


“Fear on?”


“There are no aliens around us” Roger said firmly.

“The Babushka lady, who took photographs when John F Kennedy was assasinated in 1963?!”

Roger didn’t had any answer. He kept silent and waited on him, to speak more.

“The Black Knight Satellite, caught in Space in 1960?! Mysterious Elisa Lam Death?!”

“What could the aliens, be doing right now?” Roger asked, in a rather random effort to divert the context.

“Anything. They are here. They are all around us. They could be watching the empty sky through a open window for hours, could be walking within the four walls for hours, could be staring at nothing for hours..”

Roger grew pale, as the inmate kept narrating his so called hallucinations.

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