Poems: Springtime is Here, Mama Cries ‘n’ Aching Head

By: Merl Bone


Springtime is Here
It was a time for things to come to life
After a long, dormant winter.
Everybody was filled with strife,
Just like a festered splinter.
The buds of flowers came out,
Everything was bursting with the beauty of spring
Forgetting about last summer’s drought
The birds began to sing.

Mama Cries
Mama cries for her children
For they’ve gone overseas.
Young ladies and men,
Just bring them back to me.
Mama cries throughout the night
Her children have gone to fight-
To get us out of a terrible plight
For there are wrongs to right.
And mama still cries
Many tears are shed
Numerous sighs,
As she gets ready for bed.
Mama prays to God
With a fervent plea
And many more miles she’s trod
Praying, dear lord, bring
Them back, safely to me.

Aching Head
Sometimes the world is a headache,
That no aspirin can quell.
I don’t know how much more I can take,
Only time will tell.
My temples throb,
With unbearable pain.
I just want to sob.
God, save me from this ball and chain.


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