Poem: you’re no god just a boy

By: Linda M Crate


if you’re a god
how far
have the heavens fallen?
you bleed a little
too much like a human for
me to believe you,
and you scream like a baby
insistent upon always
having his way;
but the world doesn’t work like
we can be strangers now,
but i cannot forget the people we were
and how you’re an insincere
spoiled little prince
who thinks he’s worth more than he truly is
when it was i that was a price
even you could not
i settled and lowered my standards
when i should have remained firm,
but i won’t make the same mistake now—
you’re no god
just a boy pretending to be a
and i will destroy you with the talons
of your own lust
because i’ve grown from that rabbit hearted shadow
i once was and you’ll feel my rage
the fury you said i never had.

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