The Beautiful Pocono Mountains and the Beloved of Allah

By: Chuck Orloski


Late Friday evening, July 15, I tuned into CNN and learned about the astonishing Turkey military coup attempt. In awe, given Turkey’s key strategic NATO membership and its hard nosed intelligence service in league with the mighty CIA and Mossad, and speaking as an attentive “part time” Scranton School bus driver, I immediately questioned how such a dramatic coup could have happened…, while President Recep Erdogan, a goofy poet, vacationed! One might beneficially pause and reflect upon Dr. Henry Kissinger’s godly assertion, “given our sophisticated means of knowing, nothing significant should ever happen in the world which takes US leadership (and allies) by surprise.” Respectfully, I Am Who Ain’t – that is I (the author) stand with millions of other befuddled earthlings who knowingly hesitate to accept any form of US Empire bullshit, and that includes its overseas appointed lackey leadership’s spirited interpretations of bizarre political events.

Afterward, on scene at the secure Istanbul airport, President Erdogan solemnly addressed the world in Turkish language, and I followed along CNN’s (Live) English translation, a rolling script, upon our RCA TV screen bottom. Eyes focused upon mayhem and death throughout city streets, including Ankara, I gasped when Erdogan placed primary blame for the coup attempt upon a Pennsylvanian! Huh… a remote Turk revolutionary domiciled in Pennsylvanian? As Donald Trump weirdly exclaimed months ago on the POTUS campaign stump, and completely stumped by the Turk coup, I thought, “what the hell is going on here?”

The last time the Pocono Mountain region became subject to national attention was during the September 2014 murder of PA State Police Corporal, Byron Dickson. The killing occurred merely 50 miles from my Taylor Borough home, precisely during the night shift closure and shift change at Blooming Grove Township’s State Police barracks. As a 1950s kid, I listened to TV commercials for Baltimore’s National Beer, and its catchy boast, “it’s brewed in the dark!”
Especially these days, it’s ever more apparent how much deadly power and stilted political influence is exercised and dispensed for mass American public consumption, “brewed in the dark”

Soon, a massive police manhunt, including Federal Marshals, converged upon the beautiful Pocono Mountains in search of a fugitive killer. A 48-day manhunt intensified until police captured Eric Frein who took asylum in an abandoned airport hangar, nearby Tannersville, PA. Charged with murder, Mr. Frein’s background included a brief stint working for vaccine production company, Sanofi-Pasteur, Swiftwater, PA, and leisure time doing military simulations as a Serbian soldier.

Uh, what’s that, a Serbian soldier “reenactor”active in honeymoon haven, the Poconos? What’s up here? Did a younger Mr. Frein vicariously enjoy doing reverse jihad battle against the Kosovo Liberation Army who welcomed POTUS Bill Clinton and NATO’s vital support, the 78-day humanitarian bombing of Yugoslavia? Methinks, what prompts an obscure resident of the scenic Pocono Mountains (Canadensis) to one day open fire upon PA State Police officers? Craziness? Nothing to do but seek wicked notoriety? Revenge for D.U.I. conviction(s)? Police indiscretions, brutality? Errant sexual motivation, after all we’re Larry Flynt’s “One Nation Under Sex”? Propaganda O.D.?

At any rate, and at present writing, Northeast Pennsylvanians are sort of “in the dark” as to the case against Frein, and his imminent trial is now stalled. In addition, the Pennsylvania justice system struggles with the Frein attorney’s daring and controversial defense, including charges of PA State Police wrongdoing. In fact, come January 2016, the PA State Police Chief in charge of the Frein manhunt, the popular George Bivens, was removed from office! Again, a return to the weird (and maybe counter wise) Trump assessment, “What the hell is going on?”

Suddenly, the Pocono Mountains are returned to the quiet and beautiful natural world of forests, lakes, year round vacation spots for families, lovers, including gamblers at the amazing Mount Airy Casino! Yippee, hooray!

That is of course until this past Friday evening when Northeast Pennsylvanians heard Erdogan speak and condemn the now famous (alleged) political activities of Muslim cleric-in-exile (from Turkey), current Saylorsburg, PA resident, Mr. Fethullah Gulen. In plain Textspeak, “W.T.F.?”

One might reasonably ask, especially in the land of The Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, and constant non-muezzin reminders, “to immediately report to the authorities if you see something, hear something odd,” how can a coup perpetrator (residing in the world’s #1 benevolent surveillance state) possibly be effectively nestled away from The Pocono Record
and New York Times newspapers?

To boot, Mr. Gulen’s alleged political philosophy and military activities ran aloof from CIA, and were apparently unobstructed by the FBI? Given the possibility Erdogan actually told the truth about the Saylorsburg, PA-based coup against a key NATO member, I conclude that a “Government by the People” was indeed the last to know. Uh, yo Ivanka, do you have any ideas on “what the hell is going on?”

The US government and Mainstream Media are bound by a secret Contract With Broken & Divided America which is devoted to educating American citizens as to what they actually see on network TV, and how they are to accurately comprehend and act upon often confusing and traumatic events. For example, during the Frein manhunt, an average man who reportedly resembled the suspect, minus bad intentions, walked Rte. 611 on his peaceful way to a low paying factory job in the Poconos, and got beaten up by agents who “thought” he was the cop killer. In other words, it’s “Look here, Amerika, a State cop is dead, his killer’s on-the-loose, so pay no mind to police mistakes, because like the late-Solzhenitsyn who once characterized essential NKVD ethics, “WE DON”T MAKE MISTAKES!”

In another much more serious vein, the Contract With Broken & Divided America adapts according to evolving International Banker/World Oligarch needs, and magically re manifests itself. Recall the shady group of Israelis who confidently assembled across the Hudson, celebrated disintegrating Twin Towers, got caught and interrogated by NJ State Police, and were quickly released to go home, no charges filed? In Textspeak again, “W.T.F.?” This event is largely forgotten in the hoopla over the 28-redacted pages, and now “little” tax paying Americans must deal with the conveniently proclaimed Saudi involvement in 911. Hence, in comparison to how President Erdogen dramatically “Cried Wolf” to the world by alluding to Imam Gulen’s purported coup activities, odds are good that patriotic US citizens will never know what actually “brewed” in-the-Turkish-Light/Darkness of the Imam’s largely rural Monroe County home and respected Charter School headquarters.

Proffered next are memories of my first ever (rather fascinating) meeting with a young Muslim gentleman, Mr. Hossam el-Bassiouni, who along with American wife, Dena, lived in Saylorsburg, PA. As Teamster dockworkers, Hossam and I worked the rather notorious and mean break bulk dock of Roadway Express, Inc., Tannersville, PA. While handling all types of freight bound east and west, Hossam and I became friends; he spoke good English, and insisted I call him, “Sam.” One day after work, Sam invited me for dinner at his impressive Saylorsburg home. Indulging beer and delicious falafel, Sam explained how he formerly lived in Cairo, Egypt, and played on Egypt’s National Water Polo Team, which proudly dropped out of the Montreal-based Olympic Games competition, 1976. “Water polo?” I thought, “Uh, mares underwater and athletes swinging clubs at balls?”

Soon I learned Sam served as a fighter pilot in Anwar Sadat’s Air Force during the 1973, Yom Kippur War. Prior to this meal, I knew only about Roger Maris’s 61st homer, Byzantine Empire battles with Muslims, military air shows at the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Airport, and wars against Hitler, Korean communism, and then later Ho! Throughout lots of “smoke & mirrors,” I find knowledge can increase as one allows… and please tell me how did educated, handsome, and athletic Sam el-Bassiouni happen to arrive in the heart of the Poconos and find dock work at Roadway Express, Inc.? This question, soon answered in a most unforgettable way.

He shared facts about both personal and colleagues’ mutual fears of having to take flight inside inferior Egyptian MIGS and fly into combat against superior Israeli F-4E jet fighters. Passionately, Sam declared his patriotism for Egypt, and how despite having strong devotion to Islam, he had no stomach for becoming a “martyr” against the awesome enemy, Israel. Turns out, like every nation on Earth, his father had contacts with influential members of Anwar Sadat’s government! Consequently, after Sam managed to safely depart Egypt and the battered Air Force, he came to domicile and achieve US citizenship, Saylorsburg, PA – coincidentally the beautiful land where Imam Gulen now prays, teaches, and perhaps promotes Turkish coups.

January 1981, after soul stirring religious experiences and having “salted” some money away, I decided to escape Roadway Express for a month and travel to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Conveniently, Sam was always there for me to learn fundamental Arabic words and become acquainted as to what I might expect to experience specifically in Giza, Cairo, and Luxor. He amusingly taught me about hardships involved in dating Muslim girls. He said, “Situation unlike groovy America, Chuck, ’cause guys must never dare to ask a Muslim girl to go on a date without first meeting her parents, dining, and singing traditional songs. Only then can you go alone together to watch romance movies!”

“O, that means pretty shitty prospects for my Middle East attempts to get over a broken
romance with a Taylor Borough girl, eh Sam?”

“Yes, such is the case, but if you can visit my parent’s home in Cairo, you will be
strongly rewarded by taking hits on the el-Bassiouni family hashish!”

“In the name of Jesus and world peace, I’ll eagerly partake in their generous Islamic offer!”

“That will be good, Chuck, and you shall actually get to see how my father’s forehead is so
calloused from daily calls-to-prayer, and his having touched outdoor concrete surfaces.”

Since arriving home late-January 1981, and given the post Politically Correct (P.C.) timing for American hostage release from Iran, I saw Sam quite frequently, despite working different shifts on the Roadway Express dock. Close friends, one day he shared how family bills were piling up, and how keeping current with his house mortgage had become a serious challenge. Knowing I was single and getting US Savings Bonds taken weekly out of my pay check, Sam asked me for a loan amounting to about $300 and I instantly obliged him.

Soon afterward, Sam el-Bassiouni suddenly quit his Teamster dockworker job, and to this date, we never spoke again. The loan “bail out” remains unpaid, and I now happen to be as broke as the Muslim Brotherhood street! In fact, I have no idea if Sam’s still alive, but I’d certainly like to meet him and talk about the Pocono-to-Istanbul escapades of Imam Gulen. One day, I’d really like to hear him tell me what he thinks is “going on” in America and ideally include el Sisi’s Israeli friendly Egypt. Why who among US masses actually get to know anything regarding actual Ruling Class international interests and gunslinger behavior? While admittedly departing “tongue-in-cheek” from cyberspace now, I reckon my old Egyptian friend may also share “behind-the-scene” insights into the awful terroristic slaying of PA State Police Corporal, Byron Douglass? Otherwise, “Money God is Great,” I fear for a long sought perhaps nuclear Crusades renewal, and the excited 2016 American electorate (including me) will rarely know anything solid about the real BIG PYRAMID MONEY issues, on which their favored POTUS candidate shall inevitably cast prejudiced and elite blessings upon.

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