Month: August 2016

Story: Turkish Delight

By: Gaither Stewart His dark face projected toward the rain-blurred windshield, Ibrahim’s body was unusually stiff and erect. The powerful windshield wipers slashed relentlessly but ineffectively at the unyielding rain while the […]


“Нужно иметь сердце, чтобы понять!” (One needs heart to understand) By Gaither Stewart (Rome) In his novel, The Idiot, Dostoevsky wrote that beauty can save the world, admitting however that “beauty is […]

Poem: the demise

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick this is the beginning this is the end the blueprint initiates the transition why am i here no purpose do i serve void of contentment restless from the […]

Poem: Untitled

By: Satish Verma The triangle― right-angled. Pythagorean I would never find the center. An absence gnaws at me. Standing in dark I start a talkathon with walls. Strically, I reverse the numbers. […]