Poem: The Walls

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


she shuddered upon entering the room
it was just like any other room
not memorable at all
not the color of the walls
if there were pictures or knick-knacks
what the furniture looked like
which pieces of furniture were there
the room itself was unimportant,
the significance lies between the walls.

sometimes the secrets of her life hastily declared themselves
her mind not giving them a second thought
other days the secrets remained hidden
protected by omission,
persistent fear.

she wondered what the walls would hear
were the walls to be trusted
would she be judged
would they empathize

some days she wanted to run
the walls reminded that wherever she might flee,
standing beside her,
would be exactly that, she,
terrified she was, fearing the unknown more
a voice from within told her to go
each week her mouth opened compelling words to emerge

she waited for the walls to react
to proclaim her doomed, a failure, a hopeless creature.
the walls were different
they listened, asked questions, made suggestions
she began to feel safe within the walls
no judgement existed, no right or wrong,
the walls were consistent.

she presumed herself a blank slate
but discovered instead,
the existence of tiny pieces of her,
her long quieted mind determined to be heard
amazed by unpretentious things
free to make choices
her mind was diligently thinking
the funniest thing found between the walls;
she was the same person after all.


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