Poem: That Tuesday Night

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick

Analytical she is
Perplexed by the manifestation
That Tuesday Night

The problem, pain
Always the same
Never-ending pain
No light exists pain
Hopeless pain
Intense pain
That Tuesday Night

A decision
A plan
Clouded by tunnel vision
Logical to her
Illogical to others
That Tuesday Night

Attend class she must
A gift to deliver for the gift she’d been given
An exception to her beliefs
A safe place
A mask not worn for that one hour
A chameleon she did not have to personify
Accepted for herself, but not by herself
That Tuesday Night

Unable to focus on the creation
Her mind digressed to details, the verdict confirmed
Preparations to accomplish
That Tuesday Night

A few lines scribbled
Covered with water
Sloppy strokes of the brush
Creating darkness on paper
Upon conclusion, she folded the darkness until it would not fold anymore
Class ended
The last class
That Tuesday Night

The transformation commenced in the parking lot
Lights shone from the ball field
Don’t do it, not uttered
Selfish, not exclaimed
Think of your mother, children, grandchildren; not mentioned
That Tuesday Night

Her pain acknowledged
Observations were his
The type of person
Gifts possessed
Impacts on him
Personal experience shared
Observe, she had too
Passion for his work
Compassion for his students
Acceptance of her
Assets, imperfections
That Tuesday Night

She saw weaknesses
He saw strengths
Her awareness of her inability to exert effort in class
He described creativity
She felt heard
She still speculates if he’s genuine
Guarded she remains
Something transpired amongst the mosquitoes
The conversation concluded
That Tuesday Night

He drove away
She sat for awhile
A light switched on
The manifestation was hope
That Tuesday Night

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