Poem: My door is closed, stop knocking

By: Linda M Crate


i don’t want your
nor your action
simply the beautiful serenity
that is found in
because your voice
is a weapon
grating into every orifice of
my heart
with it’s negativity and darkness,
and the thought of even seeing you
fills me with the coldest dread
even night couldn’t wish
upon winter or autumn;
i recoil from your death and your sorrow
because i am a daughter of the moon
light and love are all i know
i am moody, it is true, but you are
simply cruel
despite my attempts to change the conversation
everytime you are
you always have to rip someone down;
does it make you feel taller
or wiser or stronger
because to me
it makes you weaker than the frail hands
of time breaking before death,
and i wish you’d stop seeking me because
i’ve forever closed my door.


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